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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

'Master Class' THING 4: Phlogging with iPadio

The time has come to phlog. I was recently reading my daughter an old Dr. Seuss book which featured fantastical animals, including something called a "Blogg." Little did Theodore Geisel know that in sixty years a "blog" would become an actual thing; likewise, who would have ever thought that "phlogging" would become an actual verb?

Phlogging, or "telephone blogging,", is a way to communicate content, on a regular basis, via the telephone. It's like podcasting, except that it does not require any software or hardware besides a phone. The tool that we will be exploring for Thing 4 is iPadio. Like all of our "Things", iPadio is free and, like most, requires no software downloads. It's also charmingly British, complete with a British-accented greeting when you call the toll-free number.

Like all "Things", you have to create an account in order to use the tool. Once you create an account, you will be given the phone number to call as well as a four digit PIN to enter. Once you've recorded your phlog, you will have the option to "Download", "Edit", or "Delete" it. Downloading it will save the file as an .mp3 on your computer. If you choose "Edit", you can give it a title, date, description, tags, upload an image, and even set your location. At the top of this page you can also see your PIN, iPadio telephone number, and the URL for your iPadio channel. This is the link you could add to your class websites, post on Skyward, etc.

Finally, if you click on a phonecast title (or on the "ShortURL" link), you also have the option to share that phonecast on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites; download it onto iTunes; copy the URL; and embed it into a website. So many options!

Here is the link to my iPadio channel: http://www.ipadio.com/phlogs/AliciaDuell/ . Listen to my two phonecasts, set up an account, and record your own.

To complete Thing 4:
  • Listen to my phonecasts
  • Create an iPadio account
  • Record at least two phonecasts. Try to have one of them be instructions for an upcoming homework assignment, project, etc.
  • Post about your experience. How could you use this in your class? Would you use it?
  • Include the link to your iPadio channel in your post.
Note: 'Master Class'Thing 5 will be posted on or around March 11th!