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Friday, November 19, 2010

'Master Class' THING 2: Prezi

ZOOMING presentations! Have you heard of this? Zooming presentations are the latest in the slideshow revolution, and Prezi is leading the way in rethinking how people conceptualize, construct, and present ideas to audiences. Instead of creating a linear framework of consecutive ideas, Prezi allows you to create a bigger picture of a main idea and then connect it to other ideas, laying it out spatially in a way that makes sense to the creator. What the what? Confused yet? Let's take a look at a Prezi that I created about student swearing at RB (don't worry if you can't read all of the data on my charts- it is much more readable on a full screen!):

Here is another Prezi explaning why we might reconsider slideshows:

Now it's your turn! Set up a Prezi account and create a presentation to share. Your presentation can be about anything, for any audience. Before you jump in and get started, I HIGHLY recommend that you watch the Basic Lessons #1, 2 and 3, which are only 5-10 minutes long. FYI: Wendy C. and Allison C. both had students create Prezis for their Big6 research project final products, so they might be helpful resources.

Once you have created your Prezi, either embed (ideal!) or provide the link in your Thing 2 post. Good luck, and Happy Zooming!

To complete Thing 2:
  • Create a Prezi account.
  • Create a Prezi.
  • Embed or add the link in your Thing 2 post.
  • View the Prezis of at least 3 other Master Class members.
  • Comment on the Thing 2 posts of the 3 Master Class members' Prezis you viewed.
  • Post about your experiences using Prezi. How steep was the learning curve? Could you see yourself using this with classes? Does it compare positively or negatively with PowerPoint? Will you ever zoom again?
Note: Thing 3 will be posted on or around December 10th!

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